The ButtBin Story

The ubiquitous ButtBin was introduced into Australia by Internetworks about 15 years ago - before it was accepted that the discarding of cigarette butts was causing a problem for our waterways. Indeed much smoking took place indoors and the smelly old "ashtray" did the job of collecting the cigarette butts of the world.


Today, laws have changed dramatically, outlawing the smoking of cigarettes indoors. By forcing the smoker outside, Governments have inadvertently caused an environmental problem as smokers discarded their butts everywhere. So, something had to be done as it soon became an offence to litter Australia with cigarette butts. Smokers have come to expect the availability of a cigarette bin to butt out in whenever they are about to enter a "smoke free zone".

The ButtBin outdoor ashtray does the job of the old internal ash tray as most smokers look for a place to butt out.

Today we say to the smoker:

Don't just drop it .... Drop it in a ButtBin !

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