Stop or Quit Smoking naturally

Smoking, like any other habit can be broken by fine tuning your mind with stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Even so, cigarettes are a revolutionary product. Like most other addictions, smoking is the one thing that most people want to stop, but they just cannot, because quitting on your own is just too difficult. So if you have been battling with this problem for a while now only to find yourself losing, it could be a wise option to look at a stop smoking cd. Research has shown that hypnosis for smoking is an effective way to help smokers quit. Other ways include nicotine replacement, group therapy and acupuncture . As an alternative to these you could try a self hypnosis cd or smoking cessation hypnosis, depending on you own personal requirements. Downloadable self hypnosis audio is another option.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is proven to be an addictive drug. Your body becomes dependent on nicotine, and when it doesn't get enough of it you experience unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. In addition to the physical addiction, there is also a powerful mental component to cigarette addiction as well. Your mind associates smoking cigarettes with pleasant feelings, such as relaxation, reward or stress relief. There is also a strong social pull with cigarette addiction because many people associate smoking with the social situations in which they typically like to smoke.

This addiction is incredibly powerful, as you probably already know because you've probably already tried to quit several different times. You're not alone in this, however; take at look at these facts about cigarette smoking.

Most smokers who quit have to try at least two or three times before being successful.

Only 6% of people who try to quit using will power alone will succeed.

Using a nicotine patch or gum increases the success rate to 12%.

Studies show that stop smoking hypnotherapy is a another tool which may be of great assistance to help you quit smoking.

Here are a couple of quit smoking products which may be of interest.






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