For and Against Providing Cigarette Bins

One consensus in Australia at the moment is that if you do not provide cigarette bins for butts then you are assisting the push to stop smoking.

If we take a logical look at this issue we can see that it makes complete sense to provide cigarette bins or personal ashtrays for butts.  We  provide bins for all of our other rubbish, and we certainly don't condone throwing rubbish on the ground and walking away,  so why do we  think its ok to not provide bins or ashtrays for cigarette butts or allow smokers to just thrown them on the ground.

Smokers are not irresponsible people who want to litter Australia.  We need to give them more credit and provide them with options for taking care of their own butt litter responsibility.

The majority of smokers would gladly use a wall mounted ashtray or a pocket ashtray to put their butts in if one was provided or available, just as they do for any other litter.

Most if not all smokers will continue to smoke whether or not they are provided with cigarette bins or personal ashtrays, they simply throw the butt on the ground.  This leads to the huge problem of unsightly cigarette butts littering our streets and parks as well as clogging up our waterways.

Smokers will always smoke unless they themselves want to give it up, not because a bin is not provided.

If we provide the facilities and allow them to take responsibility for their butt litter they will use them.

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